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Other Summer schools


Here you can find links and information about summer schools outside of the Linnaeus Graduate School, which might be interesting to attend.


To request funding through the Linnaeus Graduate School for courses or other Schools outside the program please send and email to Sven Åberg with a letter of support from your supervisor.



Topological states of matter

Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden, 9-13 June 2014


The summer school on topological states of matter, draws together the range of theoretical and experimental specialisations essential to develop full understanding, realisation and exploitation of these new phenomena. Participation in the summer school and the symposium is free of charge, but with a mandatory registration by 15 May. Participants of the summer school and symposium are encouraged to present a poster. Study points will be given for students that (i) present a poster, and ii) submit a jointly conceived research proposal based on the symposium, seminars and lectures.


Nano-Sturctures for Optics and Photonics

Erice, Sicily, 4-19 July 2013


Nano-structures have unique capabilities that allow the enhanced performance of processes of interest in optical and photonic devices. In particular these structures permit the nano-scale manipulation of photons, electrons and atoms; they represent a very hot topic of research and are relevant to many devices and applications. The Institute will introduce the students to the field and provide a comprehensive overview on experiments and theory, basic physics and applications as well as on nano- fabrication and optical characterization. It will bring together physicists, chemists, engineers, and biologists; it will be in the best tradition of our past Institutes, because it will start from the consideration of fundamental principles, and will reach the frontier of research in a systematic and didactic fashion.


Shell effects in finite quantum systems

Erice, Sicily, 25-31 July 2010


The understanding of atomic shell structure laid the foundation for the nuclear shell model, and in 1984 came the seminal observation of electronic shells in metal nanoclusters. The School will mark the anniversary of this discovery by highlighting the unity of physical principles that manifest themselves in a variety of systems: atoms, nuclei, clusters, confined quantum gases and fluids, nanostructures, quantum dots, nanowires.


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