Linnaeus Graduate School — Who Can Apply?

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last update 2009-02-05

Who can participate in the Linnaeus Graduate School?


Students with research project relevant to the activities within the Linnaeus center, and of high quality, may apply to participate in the Linnaeus Graduate School. Also students outside Lund may apply.


Students interested in parts of the program of the Graduate School may choose to participate e.g. in selected courses, or in a summer school.


To apply, fill out and send in the following form to the director of the Graduate school:


Application Form (pdf)


+46 46 222 9086

+46 46 222 7679


Lund University

Box 118

S-22100 Lund


Telephone (secretary)

+46 46 222 9090

+46 46 222 7677


+46 46 222 4416