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last update 2015-06-25

2015-06-25: The deadline of the Summer School:Imaging at the nanoscale, is extended until on June 28. See the Summer Schools page for more information.

2014-06-19: New Course this Fall! The course: Leadership, teams and development, will be offered again. See the Courses page for more information.


2014-04-25: New Summer School! The summer school: Topological states of matter will be given 9-13 June at Chalmers University. See the Summer Schools page for more information.


2014-02-26: New Course this March! The course: Many-body physics will be given by the graduate school. See the Courses page for more information.


2013-11-01: New Course next April! A course on Computational modelling: CALPHAD methods will be given. See the Courses page for more information.


2013-09-19: New Course this Autumn! A course on quantitative modelling of quantum processes in semiconductor hetero-structures will be given. See the Courses page for more information.


2013-06-18: New Course next Spring! A course on Group Theory will be given by the graduate school. See the Courses page for more information.


2013-06-18: New Course this October! A one day course on Comsol will be given by the graduate school. See the Courses page for more information.


2013-04-22: Alumni Day! We have a full day event where we have invited former Lund University graduates to talk about their transition from academia to industry. The event is supported by the Linnaeus Graduate School and the nmC@LU and is open to all who register. See the Activities page for more information.


2013-03-04: New course this Spring! The Art and Science of Writing Project Applications is offered through Linnaeus Graduate School and the ADMIRE Graduate School. See the Courses page for more information.


2013-03-04: New Autumn school course available in November 2013. Due to strongly positive response, the course on Oral Communications will be offered again for Linnaeus Graduate School students. Visit the Summer School page for more information.


2012-12-04: Meeting for the students of the Linnaeus Graduate School! Tuesday, 11th of December at 12:15-13:00 in k-space. See the Student meetings page for more information.


2012-11-13: Interested in going on a research visit outside of Lund University? Not sure where to get the funding? Students of the Linnaeus Graduate School can apply for funding through the Linnaeus Graduate School! Read here for more information.


2012-09-03: New summer school course available next July in Erice, Sicily: Nano-Sturctures for Optics and Photonics. Check out the Summer Schools page for more information.


2012-08-26: New course available in September: Weak measurement of solid-state qubits. Check out the courses page for more information.


2012-08-09: Graduate School Activity! We will welcome alumni from the Graduate School to come and share their experiences from PhD to industry. Join us on Sept 7th at 13:15-17:00 in H530. Check out the activities page for more information.


2012-03-09: Graduate School Meeting! Meeting for ALL students in the Graduate School on Thursday March 29th at 13.30 in k-space.


2012-02-10: New course available in March: Quantum Transport in Meso- and Nanoscopic Systems. Check out the courses page for more information.


2012-02-08: New courses available this Spring, including: How to Write an Application, Didactical and Pedagogical Training, Many-body Physics and more! Check out the courses page for more information.


2011-10-19: New course available this November! Optics in Nanostructures. Check out the courses page for more information.


2011-05-13: Check out the Student Workshop PhD Nano 2011 which will be held  in Copenhagen 27-28 October. More info here. Additionally, there are several LTH-courses being held by Genombrottet (in swedish).


2011-02-18: There will be a Summer School on Storage Devices and Ion traps in Gothenburg. More info here.


2011-02-10: The course on ”Quantum Information” will be given again this spring. Click here for more information. Also updated the students page.


2010-12-14: New course on Leadership and Coaching. Read more here.


2010-12-09: Updated the Students page.


2010-08-26: A course covering the basics of Monte Carlo simulations for carrier transport in semiconductors will be held in Stockholm on Oct 4-Oct 7. Read more on the Courses page and register before Sep 27!


2010-04-28: There is an Innovation Workshop arranged on the 2nd of June. Don’t forget to register before May 27th! Also, Gothenburg is arranging a Summer school in Quantum Engineering, 29/6-3/7.


2010-03-25: We have appointed new representatives for organizing the student meetings within the Linnaeus centre. They are, Jesper Wallentin, Sofia Fahlvik Svensson, and Cassandra Niman. Please contact them if you have any suggestions on activities.


2010-03-10: an advanced course on quantum mechanics "Modern Quantum Mechanics" (7.5 credits) will be given by Ingemar Ragnarsson in Spring 2010. The Introductory Meeting will be on the 15th March in Sem.F at Mathematical physics.


2010-02-01: There will be a course on ”Statistics for Nanophysicists” this spring. The first meeting will be on the 11:th of February at 9:15 in k-space. At this meeting we will discuss the content of the course and decide on exact dates for the lectures.


2010-01-26: An interesting summer school titled ”Shell effects in finite quantum systems” is arranged on Silicy in July. A link has been added to the Summer schools page.


2010-01-15:  We welcome two new students to the Linnaeus Graduate School - Anil Dey and Christian Bergenfeldt.


2009-10-25: Prof. Frederico Capasso will be giving three lectures on ”Surface Plasmons: Optics and Photonics at the Nanoscale” next week on the 27th-29th of October. More info is found on the Courses page.


2009-09-14: Uploaded pictures from the 2009 summer school. Take a look! There is also a new course on quantum optics held at Chalmers. See the Courses page.


2009-08-20: ”Program” and ”Outline of David Ferry’s Lectures” have been added to the 2009 summer school page!


2009-06-15: Updated information about the summer school has been added! Go here to view it!


2009-05-19: Application to the new summer school is open! Apply here! before June 25th.


2009-04-22: New student seminar series announced! PhD students teach their others about their own fields in seminar form. The schedule is here on the student meetings page.


2009-04-14: Seminar: 16/4 15:00 in k-space. Mattias Alveteg from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering will talk about scientific honesty and plagiarism. Coffee and cookies will be served!!!


2009-03-25: New course is planned for late autumn 2009: ”How to write research applications. In charge of the course is Knut Deppert.


2009-03-25: Next meeting in the Board of the Linnaeus School has been announced. It will be on April 17th 2009, 11:30 in the math.phys library.


2009-03-04: Date decided (16/3) for the introduction meeting in the course on ”Modern Quantum Mechanics”. See Courses for more information.


2009-02-27: The summer school on ”Quantum Mechanics for Modern devices” has now got its own page. Check out the Summer schools page.


2009-02-18: A new link to the ongoing course on Quantum Information has been added to the Courses page.



2009-02-17: The course on Bose-Einstein condenstates now has a homepage. The link is on the Courses page.



2009-02-04: A meeting was held in which the new courses planned for the Linnaeus Graduate School were presented. There are four courses planned:


             Quantum Mechanics - continuation

             Electrical Measurements

             Bose-Einstein Condensates



Head over to the Course-page for more details on the courses.



2009-02-01: Three Linnaeus students have applied for and received money for taking a course in Multicore programming at LiU in February. To apply for money to cover taking courses at other universities, contact the Director Sven Åberg at MatFys.




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