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Non-Linnaeus Summer schools


General Outline of Summer School Programmes

Usually a duration of three to five days. The summer school is either covering several subjects with each day about one subject or focuses on a single subject for the whole duration; a deep-dive. Lecturers are a mix of Lund researchers, external lecturers and PhD students. The afternoons often consist of group work, discussions and solving given tasks. Afterwards, back home, the achieved results are discussed presented.

3 ECTS points for active participation + follow up






Summer School 2016


Nanoscale Energy Converters (2 ECTS)

Date & Location: 15-19 August 2016, at Falsterbo Kursgård (Höllviken). This year’s summer school will be organized jointly between the Linnaeus Graduate School and the PhD4Energy project. The organizers have managed to secure exciting talks, both by our own and a number of outstanding researchers from abroad.More information and a registration at:

Summer School 2015


Imaging at the Nanoscale 2015 (2 ECTS)

Date & Location: 18-21 August 2015, at Backafallsbyn on the island of Ven

Autumn School 2013


Oral Communication (1.5 hp)

Date & Location: 4-6 November 2013, Örenäs castle

This course is now full.

Course responsible: Sten Erici


Summer School 2013


Summer School in Falsterbo: Our toolbox in Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering (4 ECTS)

Falsterbo at Norrgård, August 26-29, 2013



Previous summer schools


PhD-Nano 2011 Student workshop in Copenhagen

Köpenhamn, October 27-28, 2011


Oral Communication

Örenässlott in Lanskrona, August 2011


Summer School on Storage Devices and Ion Traps

Göteborg, June 14-18, 2011




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