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 last update  2012-12-04

Graduate students meet about once a month,

for student presentations, discussion of present and future courses in the program, to get to know each other and to initiate possible collaboration.


Student meetings are a venue for exchanging experiences as well as an informal way of spreading knowledge about on-going research projects within the Linné centre.


The meetings usually start with a couple of short student presentations followed by discussions around the dinner table. On occasion a guest speaker, such as a graduated PhD working in industry, is invited to give a talk. The subject for these talks could be anything relevant to the current and future situation of PhD students, and the research environment.


Students within the Linnaeus school are expected to take part in initiating and developing courses. The student meetings provide a forum for discussions needed to exercise this opportunity. The meetings are mainly a social event where students come together and gain support and inspiration.


Students currently responsible for meetings

Jonas Christensson

Emelie Hilner


Previous meetings


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Next meeting


Date & Time: 

11 December 2012, 12:15 - 13:00




Meeting for ALL students in the Graduate School. Topics for discussion include choices for new courses, next year's Summer School, and student activities within the graduate school. Please sign up for the meeting by sending an email to Katarina Lindqvist at matfys and you will get a free sandwich!


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