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last update 2015-07-01

Board of the Linnaeus Graduate School


Meets about once a month.


 Its members are


· the Director of the graduate school program

    S. Åberg (MatFys)

· the coordinators of the Linnaeus Center

    S. Reimann (MatFys) H. Linke, L. Samuelson and A. Löfgren


· the graduate program manager for solid state physics

    K. Deppert (FTF)

· two student representatives

    Gunnar Eriksson (MatFys) and Gustav Nylund (FTF)



Student Meeting Responsible


Organize and administer meetings and seminars.


Masoomeh Ghasemi (FTF) and Fangfang Yang (FTF)



Website Responsible


Bekmurat Dalelkhan (FTF)

Bekmurat.dalelkhan [*@*]



Mail list


Mail list for correspondence with all students in the Linnaeus Graduate School:

linnaeus_students [*@*]


Inquiries about subscriptions to the Linnaeus Graduate School mailing list? Send a message to:

Bekmurat.Dalelkhan [*@*]


+46 46 222 9086

+46 46 222 7679


Lund University

Box 118

S-22100 Lund


Telephone (secretary)

+46 46 222 9090

+46 46 222 7677


+46 46 222 4416